Work package 2: Generation and shaping of two-photon light

D2.1 Set-up(s) for selecting Schmidt (coherent) angular modes for thermal and two-photon states D2.1.pdf

D2.2 Methods of shaping two-photon light in space D2.2.pdf

D2.3 Nonclassical source of light based on FWM in caesium D2.3.pdf

D2.4 Methods of shaping two-photon light in time/frequency D2.4.pdf

Work package 3: Generation and shaping of Bright Squeezed Vacuum (BSV)

D3.1 Methods of mode selection for BSV D3.1.pdf

D3.2 Experimental setup for BSV angular mode selection D3.2.pdf

D3.3 Experimental tests of angular mode selection in BSV D3.3.pdf

D3.4 Experimental tests of frequency mode selection in BSV D3.4.pdf

Work package 4: Development and application of entaglement measures

D4.1 Measures of nonclassicality and entanglement for BSV D4.1.pdf

D4.2 Experimental setup for the study of BSV entanglement D4.2.pdf

D4.3 Experimental testing of entanglement witness for BSV D4.3.pdf

D4.4 Bell’s inequality formulation and test for BSV D4.4.pdf

Work package 5: Development and implementation of QI protocols

D5.1 Quantum illumination protocol realization D5.1.pdf

D5.2 Analysis of multi-mode effects on the security of Gaussian protocols with BSV D5.2.pdf

D5.3 Absolute calibration of CCD with BSV D5.3pdf

D5.4 Proposal of QKD protocol with BSV states D5.4.pdf

D5.5 Sub shot noise imaging of single molecules D5.5.pdf


Milestone 1 Kick-off Meeting MS1.pdf

Milestone 2 Full establishment of infrastructures MS2.pdf

Milestone 3 Decision on the methods of frequency Schmidt mode selection MS3.pdf

Milestone 4 Possibility of further quantum imaging protocols with BSV MS4.pdf

Milestone 5 A source of BSV with tailored frequency-angular properties available MS5.pdf

Milestone 6 Decision on the possibility to formulate testable Bell`s inequality MS6.pdf

Milestone 7 Optimal QKD protocol with BSV MS7.pdf

Milestone 8 Setup for Bell tests with BSV MS8.pdf

Milestone 9 Proof-of-principle test of BSV-based QKD protocol MS9.pdf