Project reference: 308803

Funded under: FP7-ICT

From 2012-12-01 to 2015-11-30

Duration of the project: 36 months


Quantum information technology offers faster processing and more secure transfer of information based on the laws of quantum mechanics. It is a vital technology of the future as conventional methods reach their limits.

Current quantum information technology operates with microscopic objects: single atoms, ions, molecules, and especially photons. However, they have a disadvantage, namely, they cannot interact efficiently with each other and material systems, and this limits their applications. Macroscopic (bright) states of light do not have this disadvantage because brightness, i.e., the number of photons per radiation mode, determines the efficiency of light-light and light-matter interactions. However, certain types of them are proved to be inapplicable.

We challenge the accepted viewpoint that only few-photon states provide the optimal features required in quantum information technology. Unlike squeezed coherent states, bright squeezed vacuum (BSV) has perfect photon-number correlations. In addition, we want to demonstrate its application for quantum information technologies.

Bright Squeezed Vacuum and its Applications

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